pictures of george

I’ve begun a gallery for George Turner and asked Bruce Gillespie to put in comments, but he has declined, I think. Who can blame him. So little time in his life, and lots of old pictures. What to say? Anyway they’re on the gallery site.

grey river

Went to Grey River with Natalie. Thanks to the Sparrows. Natalie loved
searching in rockpools most of all, I think. I got some writing done,
we ate well and slept like crazy. 9 hours a night, when I have been
getting 4, plus the odd afternoon nap. There are about 8 houses strung
along the road on the slope, with koalas in the back yard. Heaven!
Have a look at the pictures in me gallery.

Sawmill Website

Did the Sawmill site for Jill and Gerard today. It’s tempting to write a script that will set up WordPress for me and copy all the plugins and themes I want. But I won’t. Better to spend my time learning new songs. Good site for Sawmill, though. It’s a great idea for people to record all the birds and animals they saw.

S.Y. Agnon

music: Solomon Burke

Reading The Bridal Canopy which all new to me. And gently funny. Taking my time with it, but at the same time I’m eager to get onto the other books I have out of the library. I can’t help thinking there is a story in this stuff somewhere, but I’m not pushing it.

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Fred Vargas

music: Josh Ritter
mood: yes

Yep, I’m reading Have Mercy on Us as well, which Jill and I agree is not profluent, but it’s likeable for that very reason. I like the village-y Paris, the town crier, which my theatre group once did, at the Williamstown Summer Festival (the first one). Who is this “Fred Vargas”?

Reserved at my Library

You can only reserve 15 at a time. What I recommend, they seem to say they’ll order, but in practise it’s a mystery as to why it takes so long. Perhaps what I order is so good it does the rounds of all the librarians before it goes out. Anyway, it’s like a little Christmas when they get one. Of course, it’s not always like this, I try to reserve stuff on their website that I know they’ll have, or I wouldn’t get much to read at all.

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