Autumn Equinox 2017: guide to show judging

Comparing your skin to my guts, tamer
Your liver spots to my innocence, older
Your friends to my resting bitch fear, happier
Remarks to reactions, hedgerows to bedroom,
Wrinkles to giggles, rashes to tickles, radio to playlist,
Handbags contain time and elegance and not just stuff
And my mouth holds competitions with yours.
This is how it’s done, an achievement, really
My own aims make me but not you
Not a bad one thumbs up for sure just so
Focused on the pain blinded:
Crows fly close to the field
A parrot blows away
They advance on the road and blow back to shelter
Lines are long here
All the birds are here
But I can’t give you what you want
It’s incomprehensible
Solidity of certainty of design of care
Kind rectitude daffy with follow-through
Next day kookaburras row past as a couple
Covering the parts the other might miss
Arse feather floats to my feet
And I judge it is safe enough to cross.
Have to subscribe to some other minor crisis
This one is busy packing to depart
Predictively incorrect as usual I judge
And smarter than anyone allowed:
The animals in our lives hover at the edges
Unconsidered. Caged by evolution as we
It flowers quietly while we’re not looking
Beneath the resting face
In the atmosphere left in a lift as you step away into life
In the guilt left by normal ploughing through the day
In the blue sky
What I should do
What I have to do
What I must do
What I have done
These movements have nothing to do with you.
Grace so simple if you already have it
Uglier climbing the hill.

Grammar of Parts: II

They cannot hold those facing eternity
And, taking ages, hold. They run across
A landscape unhurried after urgency
Imagined. Whorls bake into pastry cases
Evidence crunched and analysed on a tongue
Where good to go and not welcome play
Identically and sometimes both at once.
Show me your hand and what I see is your palm
But the tips are the pupils of that hand
Or, if unpicking a tangle of hooks
And fish slime, just one. They work so hard
You should give them a break and tickle them too
Lick some ice cream off them, buy some gloves
For goodness’ sake, bite your nails if you must,
Please don’t swallow. Unless you’re a god, that is
Whose touch gives light and even a hangnail is
Infinite. Tap time my dear, know that place.
Fingers may be digital but your tips
Analogue. They are not your employees.

Grammar of Parts: I

Our kiss slides
Noun to verb
And returns
A new place
A new thing.
Our kiss slips
Object to
Subject to
Question now
To answer
In good time.
Our kiss smacks
Our kiss sheds
This big pash
A new heart
Third word part
Going on
Phrase on phrase
Lip to lip
Drinking time
A full breath:
Knows no stop
While we live


gesticulated rataplan in dream.
The angel Chardonnay
left sugar on the table,
walked. Even.
Life is in motion:
Breezes in the blood:
Growling grass over at a step
Painted ladies collide on the knees
Mynah takes magpie takes dog
Oil slicker dove cock bobbing
Wattle glares, bouncing
(Stinking away)
Fine weeds unmown waving too
Street water cool as sin and arse-deep
Rolling drunk sweet on rubble flattering on toward
Fallacy of platypus
Lies of blackfish
However, elver –
Cormorant pied unreasonably past
The duck’s just gone
Valeria’s reclining and hanging on at once
As if stoned and cannot leave
Dragonfly is dancing casually off left bank
Thrip by the eyeful arrested
In a dead guilty tree top
Ecstasy of ravens declaring innocence,
Steep coming up
followed by a slope
everything is a thought
passing by