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“‘Why did you do it?’ She shouted. ‘It’s my death to choose as I please!’ “She waited for the message to reach him. Then it did and he jumped, the image of him jiggled. ‘Because—‘ he said, and stopped. “Ann felt a chill. That was..

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Australian cyclists risk fines with helmet-optional protest rides

These people are morons. And dangerous to others, like anti-vaccination liars.

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And now she’s doing it full time.

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These are the birds I see everywhere around Darebin Creek on the usual 10k run. Little lorrikeets I think, though there are musk and swift parrots as well as rosellas and the odd king parrot. My usual shot is to get them so far off they’re invisible,..

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Bloody dog on the bed…awww. Ah well, maybe a few minutes.

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Not repentant, not even close to saintly!

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Latest & Breaking News Melbourne, Victoria | The Age

A friend tells a friend if they have a problem. Especially if they’ve been through it and have a solution. It might not be diplomatic but it’s the right thing to do. It’s this kind of dishonesty that hurts Turnbull right across domestic issues,..

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Alan Davies asked me recently how I got into running. It occurred to me I left out an important part. If you travel a bit, run everywhere. I have set myself trips involving places I’d never have seen and gotten pleasantly lost, stumbling upon the Berlin..

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Photos from Paul Voermans's post

The last of the Cramer Street Market. Shopping there in 1997. Over.

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