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My wife is so clever.

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More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows

Perhaps you his is old news, but the figures on suicide are interesting.

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Fossil hunters find man-sized penguin on New Zealand beach

I am awaiting fossils of the giant magpie, whose swoops were mighty and whose beak impaled a marsupial lion.

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Magpie wins Australian bird of the year poll – live

A fine decision. As the magpie says: Muddlemonkeyswaddlebelow!

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Finished a novella, I suppose you’d call it. Taken a few months! Let it rest, now.

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That was a huge fiasco. I mean, the work got done, but it really did take it out of me. I pulled an all-nighter to get it done and did, then to celebrate I went to a lovely restaurant – where I had a bad oyster and on the plane back blacked out. Before..

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Matthew Guy defies Julie Bishop to back Donald Trump on Jerusalem

This is an opposition who clearly do not think they can win, if they introduce a policy like this. When I read it, I thought, Guy has an opinion, OK. But if it’s an actual policy to have a business office in Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv, well, this..

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Photos from Paul Voermans's post

Supposed to be doing a b & w challenge but I kind of forgot. Made up for it though!

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The San Francisco Weather Report


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