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Wow. Oscar will soon be able to change his name to Candyland, as he wanted.

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New York Review of Science Fiction #343 « Weightless Books

Feeling a bit like Steve Martin in The Jerk: “The phone book the phone book!” Anna Tambour’s and Jack Dann’s fabulous work a little densely handled here by myself. But there’s some other good stuff, and I get to vent a bit about Martin Amis…

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Been considering reparation lately. How power is inherited. And that this is what it is for. How the fear of being pushed out of the bottom of the group that has it, even if you have nothing to speak of from it, makes people wild. Just the loss of all..

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Oscar did good. Cathy did good. People loved Oscar’s film. People loved Cathy’s photography. Oscar’s film was funny. Cathy’s photos are enormous and like paintings. YAY!!!! A completely beautiful evening in Melbourne. I was able to get from the..

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Photos from Paul Voermans's post

Snapper in a bunch of stuff. In the oven under foil now, 40 min. Guess – what’s in it?

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All the Films of Studio Ghibli, Ranked

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entity now I am a tree small birds sing in me never need to take a pee no need of Brie folly introspectivity, [more…]

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Belated birthday present. He can’t believe his luck. Always looks back at me saying, That’s meant for some other dog, right? But life is like that.

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Administer orally.

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Australian desert reaches peak budgie as thousands dazzle wildlife photographer


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