Wreeding on a Trip

Well the wedding is nearly here and with it the honeymoon.  We’re determined to travel light this time – a four wheel drive seems packed for two weeks on the road but we’re talking two 32 L day packs – and we’re casting about for novels to take with us.

I’ve put Accellerando and Little Brother on my crackberry, as well as Ulysses and Pride and Prejudice – could re-read that anytimebut Cathy reckons she’s not enamored of reading stuff on such a small screen.  I, too, like the image of myself on a balcony in Portugal overlooking the Atlantic and staining the pages of some tome I’ve not had time to read.  The idea is to bring something with lots of pages and small print, or several books with small print – anyway, something to save us from the floating population of Airportery.  So far:

  1. Infinite Jest (I’m reading Consider the Lobster and love it)
  2. The Slap (Cathy’s book club is doing it, but, though it’s 580 pages, it’s big print and margins)
  3. The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts
  4. Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes (I know, it’s not long or anything, but it’s so beautiful and funny)
  5. Lord Byron’s Novel: The Evening Land

See, the books have to be (1) swappable between us and (b) good value on the abovementioned basis of weight thrift.  If anyone’s got suggestions, do tell.