Mallee Rain

for my bike

riding curves
chocolate creek a river
slipping its edges
i am alone
wet as any thing will [be]
first foot down to mudded cadenza
going down
mudlarks scatter
dangerous proof
how every thing returns
after we pass [so] logically
asymptotic courses run
dust rain spattering less than narrow man
addled on the grass
truth forcing breath and sentence
to punctured closure on a gorge-side turning
error rolling [on] error
tumbling [to] in caesura
for want of patience with uncharming

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what we saw

seamed by two am blue radio
analogue purpose beauty enough
like early magnolia reach
child mother stagger
refinery flame
this seated organism
all night-blind before intent
will in moments touch morning
mystery of forward motion
for the still kind
fair swap on the reason day line
no other time you know
seeing her is like a dream
only better at not yet a thing
not stream
blue radio numbers dog sense
so far with this logic swim in love
porpoise words to mirror surface
above below above
as we go we rhyme
thought to sense
light to time
radio numbers said
to memory of stuff
no dream ever mislaid
purely sitting on the bedspread cuff
still completely lost the while
more or less or more
than less without knowing what we saw
as certain as a smile