GBNT: Repeat Till True


(for The Hon Tony Abbott MHR)


Great Big New Tax
Great Big New Tax
Great Big New Tax
Great big new dacks,
Cape, wig, shoes, slacks.
Eight Whig nude cracks.
Greed: Pink, beaucoup Batts.
State twigs coup facts:
Hate prig, adieu pacts,
Inchoate creed, true acts,
Misstate, renege, pooh-pooh facts,
Deflate dick who quacks.
M-8, brig: subdue blacks.
Greys beg: no smacks.
Freight bricks, brew attacks.
Rape gig – adieu sacs.
Sedate zigs undo zags.
Kuwait rig blew wax.
Ornate, thick flute clacks.
Escape vig, ooh whacks!
Irate: “Slick Rieu sucks!”
“Bait jig!” mew cats.
God Dog: no ticks.
Grape, fig: fruit bats.
Bake pig, chew stacks,
Create egg fondue packs,
Mate sick spew snacks,
Straight swig, wazoo tracks.
Late, dig blue sax…
Fate glitch rue? Relax.

Winter Solstice 2010

Duck Hole Lake Tasmania
for Annie Dillard (there’s a platypus in that lake somewhere)

When I think of poetry I reach for magpie song
Muddle monkeys waddle below
Power startled by this sharp correlation
Mystery and recognition widen His eyes
This through the phrase
That thumps through the eyes
To the heart

Doomed and small but so what?
Solstice without wine but with fire
Tonight I taught my son to sew
Figuring the path from verb to breath to nerve
Via the heart

We imagine for a poem we simply do
But doing all the time imagine on the run
And simply don’t

Now at the sweet end of exhalation
Low point of light
We wait

For all of it to confuse us again