Grammar of Parts: II

They cannot hold those facing eternity
And, taking ages, hold. They run across
A landscape unhurried after urgency
Imagined. Whorls bake into pastry cases
Evidence crunched and analysed on a tongue
Where good to go and not welcome play
Identically and sometimes both at once.
Show me your hand and what I see is your palm
But the tips are the pupils of that hand
Or, if unpicking a tangle of hooks
And fish slime, just one. They work so hard
You should give them a break and tickle them too
Lick some ice cream off them, buy some gloves
For goodness’ sake, bite your nails if you must,
Please don’t swallow. Unless you’re a god, that is
Whose touch gives light and even a hangnail is
Infinite. Tap time my dear, know that place.
Fingers may be digital but your tips
Analogue. They are not your employees.

Grammar of Parts: I

Our kiss slides
Noun to verb
And returns
A new place
A new thing.
Our kiss slips
Object to
Subject to
Question now
To answer
In good time.
Our kiss smacks
Our kiss sheds
This big pash
A new heart
Third word part
Going on
Phrase on phrase
Lip to lip
Drinking time
A full breath:
Knows no stop
While we live


Once all that’s left is my certificate
Not even rubble
A guy, you can sew him up from all my posts
Will be good enough to run for office –
Good enough? Superior! Going to win!
So why not have at it before I die?
I am a post-thought guy. High up
Everything is media anyway.

Once did nature, yeah:
That yellow liar with its blossom, not yellow really, see?
A conspiracy of colour,
Your opportunist dog robs your pity, just a thief
Probably a rapist,
This berry won’t be fruit later, I fear
Your loser sky gives it over so *needlessly* to the night.
Go on, sing a song of sixpence gone
That teeny little bird, for you, I’ll flame it
That’s a whole Realm of disappointment!
You know, its nature is to blame? Nature. Ah.
And I release my sadness, a great great sadness
Greater than any seen before, gotta be honest
It goes post and everyone agrees:
It’s a Revolution, it’s History. Sorry if I offend you.


Once I’m a handwritten entry in a church
Maybe some sort of clipping flyspeckled
Children forget you anyhow. Friends.
Who needs to be any of it? We’ve come so far.
No really. It’s great and I mean that sincerely
To live here down the side of your feed.
What I can do with that will amaze you.
No really. You can love me from that.
I have just so many friends, I can’t tell you.
You may call it drift and I may be getting on
Well past my bedtime, but even completely
Extinct I am still that guy. Whispers to self
Wanders like a satire round the square,
Sometimes I give a little hum. Cheerful
That’s me. Post-me, more so, bet on it.

Once somebody wrote a book
Dead person clawing up to hold us down
Unreasonably with permanence when he
Had no business. No I love life just as I
Love women. Let me press my nothing against you.
It doesn’t signify anyway. So I might as well have it.
I have aspirational thoughts, just as good
Better, ‘cause who’s got time for thinking right?
I’ve got guys for that, as long as they agree
See what a winner can do. See the importance of me
Post-me, me, naturally. That’s why deletion is such a gift!
I did a book once and it sold real well. Not as good as a building
Because it’s more permanent. Everyone knows the future is temporary.
Or better.

Once I got a legacy and naturally it’s a big one
Don’t believe they tell you that it’s small
But see we’re going to spend the legacy now
What’s the use of dead memory? That’s the smart move
Proves the legacy is magnificent too.
Cheer up! None of that’s gonna happen anyway.
You ask me it’s cleaner, purer, very clean.
You go for legacy legacy you can’t tell what’s going to happen,
And then I’m sad again. Real sad.
But then I have lunch. And post-lunch it’s totally clear
Just a nap and I’m fired upbeat for appearances
In your feed, well the side of your feed is good too –
Where do I sign?

Once I signed a thing, yeah.