percentage game

now I am a snake
come October alarm clocks
cry – pesky mynahs

mornings by the creek
ceviche growling grass frog –
post-noon bake

now I am a snake
pretty basic black or brown
stick – lying doggo

grassy-banded spine
belly occasionally
crimson of attack

at rowing kookaburras
now I am a snake

now I am simple
reasons – in a hard black eye
slip by for goodness’ sake

snake I am right now
flicking through risk management
slides – no breaks

pleased as New Year sun
eminently singular –
not even in wait

five month news cycle
more lowly than the shade line
by April’s footnote


now I am a tree
small birds sing in me
never need to take a pee
no need of Brie
a Commonwealth of filigree
from grubs at my extremity
to nematodes hunting darkly,
brachiating heavily

now I am a tree –
well graced by leaves occasionally
and a gust one day to topple me
and wear golden dishes fungusy
and rings leave shelter hollowly,
alive a good brown century
merging incrementally
humus free.

never dance no eucalypts dance;
may ballerina curtsy may cleave to wind –
I will see human types in flames
set themselves, more wild than woods.

now I am a tree
love the mind I see in thee
miss my idiotic mind flea
traded weak lights close to me
for distance fusing brightly
love of nationality
for grasping a geography
for blind subsoil inquiry
far from passivity
sentient graduality.

language is distance one from another
an admission of more than one forest
language is also time away from language
or else we’d have nothing to say:
the death of the word is never a tree
it’s the chattering monkey in it.