New Server New Life

I’ve been labouring at IT, dang it.  I really hate the stuff.  I’ve moved a whole bunch of sites off the old Rumspringe Coop server to a commercial hosting provider.  No more operating system problems!  The downside is that their email service is very slow, but on the whole I’d recommend it.  So I’ll probably be doing my future father-in-law’s website in this area, if he ever gets around to giving me the info.  He’s a celebrant.

Oh, yes, and by the way, I mean my new father-in-law!  I didn’t mean that Fiona’s dad was rising from the dead.  No, it’s a new life – woohoo!  Not whoo-hooing about my new father-in-law, though he’s a good chap; it’s all about Cathy and I getting married next year.

We’ve been looking at rings.  Much more fun than IT, though expensive.  Apparently you’re supposed to do the most expensive thing with the engagement rather than the wedding.  I suppose you’re convincing the rellies that you can afford to keep the little woman, by offering up three months wages.  Please.  Anyhow, we’re going to make the rings the same ones, and modify them a little for the wedding, adding some stones of the Hayward clan.

So congratulate me.  Not on the server, please!