sing an ordinary girl
sitting on a wall
humming tunelessly to sunshine
just like anybody else
looking forward to a juicy chop
hiding all her peas
praise the ordinary sunshine
till mummy’s evening bell
will tinkle
call her in to splash her face
chatter some and see
a sunburned freckle
shining warm in shadow
country sunshine
country sleep

under the green sea of our face
we manage forever the seeker
duty giving dull and fine stuff power alike
which keeps rising like a blood well
Jacob’s pillow out of Perthshire rock
flitting scarlet finches every one diadem flashing
one feather cape for that matter
one bunny fur bush hat
like an other
olive and balsam making the great salad
labour perfecting buffalo cheese as well
given millennia we can
make wonder
trees anointed by spring
creak with it
defy gravity in divine transpiration

hold      to      hold      to      hold      to

you are my queen
what secret line can make more of that?
years and floods ringing through us from faraway she
coronation sofa giving mossy beneath us all
for ever and ever
she is properly resigning to glory