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What the hell am I doing?


The most I will say about the new novel is that although it is called Two Friends, it’s not a sequel to Three Friends. I will tell you a few things I’ve been reading:

The Second Nun’s Tale, Chaucer
The Gospels, Sarah Rudin
The Road to Wigan Pier, George Orwell
Eleven Addresses to the Lord, John Berryman
The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again, M. John Harrison
Sea Monsters, Chloe Aridjis
The Mermaid of Black Conch, Monique Roffey.

Does that help?

Previous entry:

Just finished The White Library. This is the third in the series I began with The Weird Colonial Boy and continued with The Post-Colonial Boy.

Believe it or not, this is what it’s about. I wrote the poem while brewing The White Library. There are a few poems, looking back between novels, which apply to various thoughts and stages of that one.

[Later note. PS Publishing have issued this novel now. Get it here in HC. Or here, from Amazon.