dating to the nobbliest ancientest most civil liaison
ye emergent fresh from yung silver spaceships
ports delievers poerms stark buckety buck
)part from the glassy globe on theer heeds(

them gricks i bell eve wore only lief
covering iambic petroglyphs
hole meat ears long
write big pots them gricks

pro-claimed and wobbled
pro-claimed and did irony buckety buck
an folding shirts proust as peach no two ways
them wars the days – proust for goods raison

no fury guys off course
smooth men’s these was
smoother end before oar tame
noah puffy parade that they evolutionary stagedey

war soup eerier than the furry bruther iaian awe sister eon
apes eh?
that wear soup eerier is all part of the stragedy:
Just a drive. Like any other. To think.

so sang little potato arsed fatty
sang you youse bucky buck sang
yore truant than yo nose
a true who man bean

a port

ah salad ieaou so stained up!