I saw Jacinda Ardern riding the other hill
blowing a bubble of gum
on way to a small cloud of love and
impatient flesh knowing just métier taught
you flinched not
at the rain.

On another hill I see pedalling for their love
on the other side
must be comfort to the poor
your heart always deserving the most cynical grab
marching unafraid on
to its end.

I saw Gough Whitlam here or maybe there on a farcical chopper
arms agley like Samothraki wings
cruising on to victory over time
born again this century and your bright eyebrows knowing he was right
tattooed into place
miss nothing.

Seeing Little Betty Isn’t nursing on her degree down south
brazenly provocative pervert cancelling
smirk not exactly joyous power over your body
all of me flinching at the very thought of her
no forgetting myself
compassion ends.

On the other hand I got the pillow that you dream on
with pure air I might like and hard boiled confection
is this what I get when I paid for connection?
Ludic body doesn’t know or care about what you made with your algorithm
even if I only wanna know about love
done like a bought one.

I talked to some of you and thought kindly of the rest
before I met your ordinary indifference and grew
suspicious you’re an idiot
so certain legs go further yet eyes long on to wings
I am perfectly OK with my difference
if it’s all the same.

Felt your Leading Vector deep deep in my pleura
going on inflaming news for his own sticky ends
the truth in his corpus
aching to complete before they’re ready
anticipating the end
so instrumental.

Actually I love you with every bit of my body
even the foreign quasi-living matter
with all the depth and breadth and height my lungs can muster,
on, these graces fall from air to water to air and such ordinary graces
even unto death unknowing
invent wonder.