Looked at Clouds that Way and Ate Them

Before the oboe the phrase of the crane,
Before the bird and the wood,
Squirting along in the Mesozoic sea
Colouring your tentacles with love –
Bumble me tumble me each one a meal
Deep in the belly of the moon:
I eat the children, and
I drink the sea, and
I eat the cauliflower sky.

Towers encrusted with oysters and cheese
Pastry facades line the street:
Black pudding ribbon and footpath molé
Baked glaze and furniture parfait –
Rumble me grumble me menu me morning
Break fast the order of the day:
I eat the women and
Sip on the trees and
Pigeon pot tartin swooping by.

Sontag streaks rheteors or Berlioz, bassoons,
Homer, the wobble and the slap:
No accountant for taste, boys, but I eat it all
Roll big mouth wise by Sublime –
Fumble me stumble me stupid by design,
Experts and master chefs devoured:
Boson your captain and
Strong force the street tanks!
We eat the labour everyday.