Lordsy Prayersies SNEAK PREVIEW!

Free and gratis extract of a series in reply to Christian mediation, Lordsy Prayersies. I think it’s XIII, therefore enough to reply to Berryman.

A Rationale for Angling

shows us Taoist Fishing swollen bunions
plays us TikTok elderly Sports God
Offers Lumbar Yearning to Ice Chest
(inaction replay with punk effects)
scrolls Buddhist boasting snaps tonight
perhaps no fat rainbow lent to proud iPhone;
a cloudburst, rather, extinction glory cropped
Caspian terns wheeling heedless in a storm;
can only stand the moon in flushing water
where bream might rise to swallow it
only offer ocean or ferny streams
mindless flotation or hopeless battle:
better the half-moon than my family
lead swell heaving than my enemy.