Makeshift Animal Heart

My animal is dumb
Arse a shelf
Arms a-dangle
Gut the buddy boy I carry round
Mouth a window on my diet
Everybody part unsound
Everything a sightimage
I’ve forgotten who I might be
At market in a meeting permanently
Know the shape of situation
Cannot say the pain.

My animal is lupine
Ears a-twitch
Eyes on angle
Thumbs for the taking steal
Legs much quicker than your gaol
Every bodypart a meal
Every thing a sale
Shit grin matters politically
All content raced that way
Know the situation score
I cannot help but whore.

My animal is fun
Teeth for kill
Feet for dodging
Elbow not winging gripped by weenis
Tongue for puncturing the quiet
Every fart as funny as a penis
Everything a riot
I won’t sit down for standing up
Rather fist and finger tup
Get the situation backwards fine
Just have to drink the punch line.

My animal is sapient too
Digits hooked to brains
Akimbo risk superior
Acronyms for eyes
Hand crafting my own algorithm
Every tweak I ironise
Every interest group a schism
So eloquent I’m in love with me
So fabulous am I I never see
Too bright for the situation
Arch monster’s monologue condition.

Awful angel animal
Getting hopelessly foxed with straps
Laces creams and wearing caps
Rushing carelessly through the year
Our century and friends
Admitting that I’m queer
A hillbilly fucking angel
A total dear.

Of course animal is animal animal
Leopard offspring of a camel
And bred and fed and raised
At ease
Trained to train me thermogenically
Flash incomprehensibly
When questioned via radio
By shrunken pickled lobes of long ago
Smart peg round or biscuit pedal?
My maze I made myself and it runs me
Eternally trapped for funsies
My animal favours many arms
Arms with each a thought
And thoughts with each a meditation
A dolce vita and a crank
Skin of colours vegetable
Blood a vegan gun blue metal
Scuds across a half-forgotten sea
Half way round the Galaxy
At peace.