Makeshift Heart X: Regain its natural state

Those newly born cannot worry they are unloved
Only horror could not see their blessing
Innocence at the end cannot pray it’s survived
In horror’s arms and macking.
If I surface without my burden
If I stroll and discard it on my way
Or dig it into nematodes and garden
Or fold over touch and touch play
I might accidentally clear the weather –
Yes, a dip and a crisp and a cup help forget –
Then come back to complain full of bother:
All that without lifting it yet!
And in the night I’m hunting by streams
Impossible interminable coelacanth dreams
Innocence yearns from ignorant meadows
While the ancients of days glide by in the shadows.
That moment the sea rips and takes off, and
Your dream in its jaw, shaking, you’re shaking
With hope without hope, at last work at hand
This squally dawn at last, magic nothing, is nothing
Short of miracle, rhyming black swan with moron
But also mallard with dolphin and cormorant with seal:
Speech at last innocent of a thing out of harmony
Lord’s prayer about law from love, grace out of music –
At all events reasonable, a thought of the heart,
Not some idiot hope, void on void shift for night.