Makeshift Heart XIV: Surprised by Joy

for Joni Mitchell

How like breathing are the clouds
How like blood like speaking like a chest if fire
How like meat like pudding like a breast if truth
How like a northerly is my heart.

How like neural paths are constellations
How like cheeky points like logic’s play if falling
How like penetrating sight if bright hard joy
How like Jupiter is my gut.

How like meiosis is the ocean
How like pollen like a mushroom like a hand if waving
How like swaying arse like swagger if funning
How like yearning are my balls.

How like weeping are the trees
How like dripping eyes like shaking if bent desire
How like drainage like squalling like ecstasy if sudden
How like a Mallee is my soul.

How unlike a poem are these elements
How like them like unto surprise am I if naked
How like gloves like a coat like a helmet if on the pedal
How like nothing at all is me.