Reserved at my Library

You can only reserve 15 at a time. What I recommend, they seem to say they’ll order, but in practise it’s a mystery as to why it takes so long. Perhaps what I order is so good it does the rounds of all the librarians before it goes out. Anyway, it’s like a little Christmas when they get one. Of course, it’s not always like this, I try to reserve stuff on their website that I know they’ll have, or I wouldn’t get much to read at all.

Band of gypsies /
by Jones, Gwyneth

I read the other two of this series, recommended to me by Rosaleen Love. She’s good, but Jill didn’t get into them. I can see why.

The blue mountain: A Novel.
by Shalev, Meir.

Highly recommended by Keren Rubinstein

Considering Aaron Sorkin
by Fahy, Thomas

Who is of course author of The West Wing and I have all the eps. It’s the closest thing to Shakespeare on the Romans – not that I’m comparing Aaron to Bill, but this is the most powerful person on earth and the problems are big, with lots of room for – stuff.

Elsewhere, perhaps /
by Oz, Amos

Always been curious about him.

Ferocious minds
by Broderick, Damien

A mate – his latest.

Inside job
by Willis, Connie

Read everything I can of hers. To Say Nothing of the Dog is great.

Looking for Jake : and other stories /
by Mieville, China.

Been borrowing this from Jill – ordinarily not a great short story reader, but he’s very good and some are long, I think.

by Disch, Thomas

The master.

Quest for consciousness
by Koch, Christof

This was ordered so long ago I think they’ve forgotten. This looks good though, as more research for “”>Chain

Rushdie, Salman, Standing Order Fiction author : pre-purchase record.
by Rushdie, Salman.

Shalimar the Clown

Science in the Capital: Science in the Capital /
by Robinson, Kim Stanley

Sequel to Forty Signs of Rain\\ I think, which my friend Glenda did not like, but Jill did.

The secret river /
by Grenville, Kate, 1950-

Very good reviews. 30 people want this book at the library. I am number 4.

Sports night (DVD)
by Sorkin, Aaron

Nuff said.

Spy kids (CD-ROM)

For Oscar. Been on order for 8 months and seems to be there now. But we’re third on the list.