Song: on the relationship between manual labour, obsessive counting, and repetitive verbal motifs that may or may not constitute tics

for Tim

Causation of wood and stone
Formal proof of tree and bone
Consciousness won’t let alone
Or at least the karmic.

Think the world and think it flat
Think it round and that is that
Think of time persuade a cat
A new idea of logic.

A state of mind
A slate of mind
Work a rusty gate of mind
A moment here
A moment there
Magnetism is everywhere!

Electron pump a metaphor
Eigenvalues zut alors!
Hit prayer town when the plane comes down
It’s just fucking tragic.

Count a lot
Lose your spot
The crumpets start to rise
Under ling
Over lizard
The song popping up is still a big surprise!

Art and Science meet for lunch
Light and paint and treacle crunch
Reality is but a hunch
A thimbleful is magic –
Honey I don’t mean it’s sacred –
But it’s maaaagic all the way!