Summer Solstice 2016: Distraction

for UKL

“The necessity of having to do
Something” – make particular, dress, argue
Generally run in old road ruts, true
A well-worn course – “gives you something to do.”

An older fellow, socks labour Day-Glo
If the rest of me is deep romantic
My world playing catch-up will not pass you
Betting on our collision coming back,
On a big game hunt with no tomorrow
Shocking accident never wonders why
I am preposterous as a dog now
Christmas-awful traffic whizzing by,
This time is a fact as your credit is
In the moment before it turns to shit
Sweetest glade, après sweet Anopheles
Morning time until I remember it,
Rebel outgrowth is a grand old cypress
Refusing investment in a death flame
Shot out it’s like a tree with testicles
Sunwise go the nostrums all the same.

This dog does not spit dirt from a mouthful
His fines let fall the flies to gently lull.