Why on Earth is there Scat on a Stick?

In which we risk no readers at all due to assumed immaturity, possibly justified. (I have had a recent blow to the head.)

Why do creatures defecate in a high place? On a rock, alright, but—a stick? We like to blame this on dogs and we like also to atribute base motives to dogs. Google it. We’re talking mark of territory. I say you can’t rule out fun. Face it, dogs are pretty base, and they are territorial, but above all they love fun. It’s all unsubstantiated, however. Lacking a peer-reviewed study, as it were, we must regard it all as speculation. Please let me know if you come across genuine science on the subject.

Click below to read. Be advised the illustration here is a fungus—not poo—and a dead frog. Many kilometres from anywhere. What’s remarkable is that on this one stick, there was also a hefty defecation on the other end. Was it staged? By whom? Surely not the dog. (It didn’t look like a dog turd either. Nor any herbivore.)

I have left the reverse angle shot out so as to spare offence. Those interested in fecal photography may DM on the site formerly know as Twitter.