Wedding Song

for John and Henny

Today our gold is mixed and made
As we kneel and wash in this stream
That runs like breath across this glade
Into our common dream

And all our gifts are assembled here
On this day in the sight of the world
The ardour of our age grows clear
See the banners unfurled

Sing me for you and the wind blows true
Sing you for me and the wind blows free

Our natures are waiting for answer
Our years may prove what we’ll be
Though chance and fate make us wonder
It’s divinity

And our love gives us moment to dance
Though our days will seem more like a tree
Than a floor where we shuffle romance
Without a company

Sing all for us and the sun shines just
Sing us for all and the sun won’t fall

Our trick of the light speeds the play
(Even strangers announce it’s too soon)
Toward Heaven knows what and won’t say
Like a loon

The state we’re approaching is innocence
The remembered present its boss
The instant and name fall in balance
Then we cross

Sing sky for hills and the rain fulfills
Sing valley for sky and the storm has passed by

– Paul Voermans, Preston 2001