Shipping Container Painting with Birdsong

came across two saucy wrens
name of Gough and Bobby
both with classic eyebrows
classic curiosity
talked of time that won’t return
when tertiary school was free
lingering by Eumemmering creek
far from the liberal sea
their interest complimented me
mine seemed to please them also
looking forward to conversation
like great debates but moreso
they know all the gossip
who’s visiting at what bush
when i talk back to one or both
nobody tells me shoosh
cock their tiny heads
hop upon barbed wire
say to me what i must hear
warn of coming fire
say to me
i’m listening
tell us what we must do
hard to hear as ever it was
Bob and Gough you will cut through
i work and you attend
you speak and i listen for signs
sounds only
like little twittering birds
but you know aeons