You’re simply there
a cloud on the moon
not water
impossible to breathe
madman on the street
all talk and talk
whereof you cannot speak
all fourth walls
what’s the use of peace
you quack
it breaks us apart.

Let’s break together
like eggs in a game
in on one another
bowling like friends for
all that we can manage for
what is is what we can be doing
more or less the same
all of these nouns are
written in the margins
like songs at a meeting
of fools.

Give me five dollars
I will build a casino of paper
I could really use a shave
but this is better it has drawers
that close and everything
like a bought one
children and dogs never think it will come
to this what’s that
all about it never ceases
to amaze me the power
a little honest exchange gets you
bump into anyone in this place.