no heart a rock

they’re spraying Hong Kong people blue
so this is me and that is you
so spray me too
joy arrives a-wailing
hope for longer childhood
hope for wetter nappies
they’re spraying Hong Kong people blue
why not Heidelberg Olympic too
why you?

no heart a rock but this
rock a heart
all those stars All that
surf you never
visit Stupid brain never comes when you call
down some viral hole with a wombat
it will never get
connected to everything just a little bit
arses big or pert must accept the regulation bite
joy is the hard part

worm-beknownst born rock swaddled
take joy where
you get it Where
you never visit Where
age finally sees black wattle Where—
weary you get that now about that gentle gold
blood on the late black wattle is all
over joy:
spray me too
fucking dare you

They are spraying Hong Kong people blue
breaking heads on trains
putting kids on planes.
sorts of things
seventeen by count so far Or just
Extinguishment, drowning what they knew
court completes our terror Doing
the easy part—
they’re spraying Queensland handcuffs blue
wouldn’t you?