Makeshift Heart IV:

some moral compromises

Go on grab a flake
Go on tuna bake
Go on, you just put in the hours
Never mind the whys or the hows.
A big office arse needs an aubergine grill
And cold pressed, my oath, only eat who I kill.

Vicarious baiter.

You know about boating
You know it’s promoting
You know economics is right
Reads our minds even drowning in flight.
The blood runs south till we get to the gate
Think I give a rat’s for your politics, mate?

Vicious blather.

Can clear up your swine flu
Can open your heart too
Can clear you up every which way
Some new miracle, bless, everyday.
Love, pity, and silver, need a look that can skid
Off the eyes of macaque I would kill for my kid.

Victory is bitter.

You can get it in your car
From coffee in a bar
You can get it and go on unfussed
The furtive and guilty are the faces I trust.

Virtue’s a bother.