New Aquarium!!!!

So my website has been updated and I’m on leave for a week, just for the crack of it. Few plans. I have mapped a ride going along the ring road and down the Diamond Creek Bike path into the CBD, which is about 45k and a precursor to doing a proper Olympic triathlon distance, which I think is 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and 10k run. Not sure I will be doing that. We’ll see how we go with the ride. If I wind up in the city I’ll take a leisurely swim at the City Baths and then – maybe – ride home, but there should be no problem about taking a train besides borrowing a Myki ticket.

Finish that fantastic Terrence Deacon book Incomplete Nature, and relax with some fiction. Who knows, maybe I’ll finish that poem about Gough in China.

Well, because the angel fish are breeding and their young are being eaten in the big communal aquarium, I sacrificed my tattoo plan for a King George whiting on my forearm, to be based on the fabulous Roger Swainston art. This to me was a long-term project anyway, since the colours of a whiting are so subtle and tattooing generally so crude, that I don’t trust the artist to do Swainston justice. Besides, I had not asked permission. So while that one waits, Cathy and I went out and bought a small antique table for the hallway, and a three foot tank, with all the bits (more expensive than the tank). I am not chickening out of the tatt! And besides, it is very vain….

So besides my tax return, I may be doing some gardening in an aquarium. Then I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks. If the fry get eaten once or twice, well, that’s nature, and we’ll try to rescue them in nursery, but once the new environment is ready, they will have only themselves to blame if they get too hungry and gobble them up. As Natalie pointed out, I can be the God of Angels, then. Mwah-hah-hah-hah!