New Aquarium!!!!

So my website has been updated and I’m on leave for a week, just for the crack of it. Few plans. I have mapped a ride going along the ring road and down the Diamond Creek Bike path into the CBD, which is about 45k and a precursor to doing a proper Olympic triathlon distance, which I think is 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and 10k run. Not sure I will be doing that. We’ll see how we go with the ride. If I wind up in the city I’ll take a leisurely swim at the City Baths and then – maybe – ride home, but there should be no problem about taking a train besides borrowing a Myki ticket.

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We Roast

We’ve been advised to go home early or late because of the 45 degree temperatures today.  I’ve been hard at work, of course, so I’m leaving late.  Spare a thought for me on the bike.  But I must leave sometime to save the poor pooch, who has taken to playing with his water and backup water, leaving him with nothing.

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So I’ve Been Delinquent – Indubitably!

Well yes, we did get married.  I haven’t posted for so long it seems that this website has been forgotten.  In fact I’ve grown a little allergic to this whole business of publishing on line because of a couple of site invasions by phishers.  Wordpress has almost been ditched; I’ve had a go at the security and gotten rid of the unwieldy – and so, risky – Leftwrites.  But I suspect that it will only slow the attackers….  Had a word (several) to the service provider, who don’t notify you if you have trouble, though they have services that do that for them.

Wedding 23902 Watching the Reading
Tom, Ant, Suzie and Fiona.

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More on Songs

They are, aren’t they? I mean there are lots of embarrassingly bad
songs. And also there are no bad songs. I mean it is the fact that
people get out there and sing them, in car parks, shopping centres, yes,
on stages, swimming along on the left hand of the lane – or the right,
as Frank Sinatra did – and the song that moves you comes later.

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