Old Friends

Got an email from my old friend Donald in Mallacoota wrote the other day. What it must be to live there! Less than 400 people in the off season. But also very limited in what is available to you. I don’t mean in entertainment: the entertainment must be the same as here; I mean we we have a band, we watch movies, we drink and we fall about. No, it’s just that if you want to change your life you can just go out and get another job – perhaps not easy, but they are here, unless you have one of those jobs that there is only a handful in the whole country.

I suppose it sorts the wheat from the chaff as far as your priorities are concerned; you cannot just up and take some piece of crap on a whim. Also, the consumer society doesn’t grab you the way it can here. It adds some time for thought – and I guess you can obsess about some piece of rubbish much more successfully, on the other hand, without the means to confront yourself with the foolishness of actually laying your hands on it immediately!

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  1. Hi Paul,
    am still trying to work out how I ended up on your website. I do remember I was doing a book search and saw your name and clicked and here I am.
    Reading all your musings took me back to all the old places.
    I do hope you get a chance to read this.

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