How’s the Writing Going?

It’s always hard to say how things are going with a novel. *I* reckon
it’s going well. So does Jill. Anyway, one can talk about what one has
read and how it relates, at least a bit. This is a good thing. I mean,
it’s fun. There is a rather out-of-date link to the research on the
right hand of this website, under Latest Novel.

What sort of thing am I reading now? Well, my mate Damien sends me bits
and pieces to read that no longer convince me that I’m totally ignorant
about AI, just bloody-minded. I’m not reading a lot about AI. I am
reading about revolution. We are Everywhere has some moving stuff
about the police brutality at Genoa. And Despatches from the
Barricades by the BBC editor John Simpson has some good stuff on what
it was like Czechoslovakia in the days before the Communist fall. And
I’m still reading To the Finland Station which when I get going is
bloody great.