More on Songs

They are, aren’t they? I mean there are lots of embarrassingly bad
songs. And also there are no bad songs. I mean it is the fact that
people get out there and sing them, in car parks, shopping centres, yes,
on stages, swimming along on the left hand of the lane – or the right,
as Frank Sinatra did – and the song that moves you comes later.

The reason I’m looking up songs is that eight other guys are as well,
and a few other people I suppose. The Five O’Clock Shadows were the
support act for the kids at my children’s school concert, held at
Darebin Arts Centre. People seemed to like it and now the band – “the
band”, it’s perhaps less than six rehearsals – are looking all over the
place for songs. It’s funny! Some of us are going with what they
already knew, some of us what they always wanted to play, some of us
what they could not sing with other bands and some are just going along
with the thing because it’s all pretty good, all music, really.

Sorry if I offend your particular religion!