So I’ve Been Delinquent – Indubitably!

Well yes, we did get married.  I haven’t posted for so long it seems that this website has been forgotten.  In fact I’ve grown a little allergic to this whole business of publishing on line because of a couple of site invasions by phishers.  Wordpress has almost been ditched; I’ve had a go at the security and gotten rid of the unwieldy – and so, risky – Leftwrites.  But I suspect that it will only slow the attackers….  Had a word (several) to the service provider, who don’t notify you if you have trouble, though they have services that do that for them.

Wedding 23902 Watching the Reading
Tom, Ant, Suzie and Fiona.

Ant, Fiona, Suzie and Tom.

But enough grumbling.  Life is good and so is the weather.  The novel is still not published but we will go into that during this year, and the next novel as well.

The fishing is not too bad, there are, as usual, far too many things going on to report adequately.  There is a dog:


Teddy Boy

Already far bigger than this.  There was Mia’s visit, Tim’s come to work at DIIRD and Xmas and all that.  Phew.  I’ll add more details later.

Video of Mia, Natalie, Oscar and baby Teddyboy! (Needs Real Player or similar to play.) Mia, Natalie, Oscar and Baby Teddy Boy (VideoLAN Version)

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  1. Hello Paul

    I have been trying to get in touch with either Felicity or Rosie. I have emailed Felicity and written to Rosie ( to an address that I found at Tante Ella’s)

    I wanted to let you all know that Ella died in January 2009. I am still in process of sorting through her things and wondered whether your family would like any of her photos / photos of Oma Moes and Opa?


    Yvette macLeod

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